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Mileage of Volvo in the VIN report

200 300 630 670 780 9700 acl c30 c30 2 c30 t5 c30 version c70 c70 hpt c70 ht c70 lpt c70 lt c70 t5 c70 turbo cab over engine lt convention conventional custom d12 d13 isx loader not available nvl 42& other other-heavy truck s40 s40 1 s40 2 s40 awd 5c s40 fwd s40 fwd 2 s40 fwd 5c s40 t5 s40 t5 awd s40 t5 fwd s60 s60 2 s60 awd s60 awd 2 s60 awd 5c s60 awd 5c t5 s60 cross s60 cross country s60 dynami s60 fwd s60 fwd 5c s60 inscription s60 platin s60 premie s60 r s60 t5 s60 t6 s60 t6 awd s70 s70 awd s70 base s70 glt s70 se s70 turbo s80 s80 2 s80 3 s80 awd s80 fwd 5c s80 fwd 6c s80 t5 s80 t6 s80 t6 awd s80 t6 tur s80 v8 s80 v8 awd s80t s90 s90 hybrid s90 t5 s90 t6 semi semi-truck toterhome trac trailer v40 v40 1 v50 v50 2 v50 fwd v50 fwd 5c v50 t5 v50 t5 awd v60 v60 cross v60 cross country v60 premie v60 t5 v60 t6 v70 v70 2 v70 3 v70 awd v70 awd 2 v70 awd cr v70 awd cross count v70 awd cross countr v70 awd xc70 v70 base v70 fwd v70 fwd 2 v70 fwd 5c v70 glt v70 r v70 se v70 t5 v70 t5 tur v70 turbo v70 xc v70r awd v70xc v70xc awd v90 v90 cross country vah64400 vah64600 van vnl vhd vhd104f vhd64b vn vn vnl vn vnm vn610 vn670 vnl vnl 10th anniversary edition vnl 300 vnl 64t670 vnl 670 vnl 780 vnl diesel vnl42670 vnl42t vnl42t300 vnl62300 vnl62670 vnl64 vnl64t vnl64t-670 vnl64t300 vnl64t300 truck vnl64t430 vnl64t610 vnl64t630 vnl64t660 vnl64t670 vnl64t760 vnl64t780 vnl670 vnm vnm 200 vnm420 vnm42200 vnm42t 200 vnm42t road tractor vnm42t200 vnm64 vnm64200 vnm64630 vnm64t vnr vnr64t200 vt 880 wg wx42 wxr42 xc xc40 xc60 xc60 3 xc60 awd 5c xc60 fwd 6c xc60 hybrid xc60 platinum xc60 premier xc60 t5 xc60 t5 pr xc60 t6 xc60 t6 pr xc70 xc70 3 xc70 premier xc70 t5 xc70 t5 pr xc70 t6 xc70 t6 pr xc90 xc90 3 xc90 awd xc90 awd 5c xc90 awd 5c 2 xc90 awd 6c xc90 awd 6c i6 xc90 awd momentum xc90 awd v8 4 xc90 fwd 5c xc90 fwd 6c xc90 hybrid xc90 ocean xc90 r des xc90 r-des xc90 r-design xc90 sport xc90 t5 xc90 t6 xc90 v8 xpeditor w