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Mileage of Kawasaki in the VIN report

1600 means 250 4010 trans bayou bayou 250 bn125-a bn125a6f br125 br125 j brute force brute force 750 concours concours 14 concours 14 abs concours 14 zg14 concours 14abs concours-14 ek650-a eliminator en500 en500 c en500-c en650 en650 a en650 b en650 c en650 d en650-a en650-b er-6n er650 er650 c er650-c ex 650 ex250 ex250 f ex250 j ex250-f ex250-j ex300 ex300 a ex300 b ex300-a ex300-b ex300agf ninja 300 ex330-a ex400 ex500 ex500 d ex500-d ex500d ex650 ex650 a ex650 a6f ex650 c ex650 e ex650 ec ex650 f ex650 j ex650-c ex650-e ex650-f ex650a ex650a6f ex650e ex650ec ex650f kaf300-c kaf400 kaf400 a kaf400-a kaf400-b kaf550-c kaf620 kaf620 k kaf620-e kaf620-j kaf620-k kaf620-r kaf820 kaf820 b kaf820 d kaf820-d kaf950 kaf950 3010 kaf950-c kaf950-g kawasaki kawasaki z800 kfv300-c kl kl250-d kl650 kl650 a kl650 e kl650-a kl650e kle650 kle650 f klf250 klf250a ba klr klr 250 klr 650 klr650 klr650 camo klx klx110-a1 klx140-b klx140g klx250 klx250h6f klx250s klx400 krf-750 krf-750 d krf-750 n krf750-a krf750-c krf750-d krf750-g krf750-j krf750-l krf750-n krf750-p krf800 krf800 d krf800 f krf800 g krf800-b krf800-c krf800-d krt750 krt750 b krt750 d krt750-b krt750-c krt750-d krt800 krt800 c krt800 h krt800-b krt800-c ksf250 ksf400-a ksf450-b ksf700-b ksv700 ksv700a kvf300 kvf300-c kvf360 kvf360 a p kvf650 kvf650-a kvf650-d1 kvf650-e1 kvf650-f kvf700a1 kvf750 kvf750 g kvf750 h kvf750 j kvf750-d kvf750-g kvf750-h kvf750-j kvf750a1 kvf750c6f kx kx100-d kx125-l kx250-l kx250-w kx250f kx450 kx450 f kx450-e kx450f kx450hhf kx65-a kxf kz1000 kz1000 p le650 le650 a le650 c le650 f le650-a le650-c ve lz1000b marine lot mojave motorcycle mule mule 4000 trans mule 610 mule pro-fx mule sx 4x4 n ninja ninja 250 ninja 250r ninja 300 ninja 500r ninja 650 ninja 650 - ex650 ninja 650r ninja zx ninja zx 1 ninja zx-12r ninja zx-14 ninja zx-6 ninja zx-6r ninja zx-6rr ninja zx-9r not available other other-motorcycle prairie 360 scooter sv700 teryx teryx 4 teryx 750fi teryx4 teryx4 750 touring vaquero verseys versys versys 650 versys abs versys-x 300 vf750a1 vn1500 vn1500 l vn1500 n1 vn1500 p1 vn1500-e vn1500-l vn1500-n1 vn1500-p1 vn1600 vn1600 a1 vn1600 b vn1600 d6f vn1600 g vn1600a1 vn1600b vn1600classic vn1600d vn1600d1 vn1600d6f vn1600e6f vn1600f6f vn1600g6f vn1600meanstreak vn1700 vn1700 a vn1700 b vn1700 c vn1700 k vn1700-a vn1700-b vn1700-c vn1700-e vn1700-g vn1700-j vn1700-k vn1700a9fa vulcan voyager vn2000 vn2000a vn2000a2 vn2000f vn2000g vn2000h vn2000j vn750 vn800 vn800 b vn800-b vn800-c vn800-e vn900 vn900 b vn900 c vn900 d vn900-c vn900-d vn900b vn900c vn900d vulcan vulcan 1500 vulcan 1600 vulcan 1700 vulcan 1700 vaquero vulcan 200 vulcan 2000 vulcan 500 vulcan 750 vulcan 800 vulcan 800 classic vn800b vulcan 900 vulcan drifter w650-a z z1000 z125 pro z650 z650 - er650 z750s z900 zg1000 zg1200 zg1200-b zg1400 zg1400 b zg1400 c zg1400 concours 1400 zg1400 concours 1400 w zg1400a zg1400b zg1400c zg1400d zr-7s zr1000 zr1000 d zr1000 g zr1000-d zr1000a1 zr1000b zr1100-c zr1200-a zr750 zr750 g zr750-h zr750-k1 zr750k6f zr800 zr800 b zr800b zr900 zr900ahfl zr900bhfl zrx1200 zrx1200r zx zx-12r zx-14r abs zx-6r zx-6rr zx1000 zx1000 d zx1000 d6f zx1000 e zx1000 g zx1000 j zx1000 k zx1000 m zx1000 ninja 1000 zx1000 ninja 1000 w zx1000 r zx1000 s zx1000 z zx1000-e zx1000-f zx1000-h zx1000-m zx1000-s zx1000c1 zx1000d zx1000d6f zx1000g zx1000j zx1000k zx1000r zx10r zx1100-d zx1200 zx1200 a1 zx1200 b zx1200-a1 zx1200b zx1200b zx zx1200c zx1200c zx zx1400 zx1400 a zx1400 c zx1400 ec zx1400 f zx1400 h zx1400a zx1400c zx1400ec zx1400f zx14r zx14r ninja 1400 zx600 zx600 e zx600 j1 zx600 p zx600 r zx600 zzr600 zx600-e zx600-j zx600-j1 zx600-n1 zx600-p zx600-r zx600j zx600k1 zx600p zx600r9f zx636 zx636 b1 zx636 c1 zx636 e zx636 f zx636-b zx636-c1 zx636-e zx636-f zx636b1 zx6r zx750 zx750-p zx900 zx900 e zx900 ninja zx900-e zx900e zx900f1 zx zx9r zzr 600 zx600j zzr1200 zzr600