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Mileage of Jeep in the VIN report

cher 4x4 cheroke limited 4wd cherokee cherokee 2wd limited cherokee 2wd sport cherokee 4wd cherokee 4wd 6c cherokee 4wd 6c classic cherokee 4wd 6c se cherokee 4wd 6c sport cherokee 4wd sport cherokee 4x2 cherokee 4x2 6c cherokee 4x2 v6 cherokee 4x4 cherokee 4x4 4c cherokee 4x4 6c cherokee 4x4 v6 cherokee 4x4 v8 cherokee altitude cherokee c cherokee classic cherokee fwd cherokee fwd 4c cherokee fwd 4c limited cherokee fwd 4c sport cherokee l cherokee latitude cherokee limited cherokee o cherokee overland cherokee police cherokee rh drive cherokee s cherokee se cherokee sport cherokee t cherokee trailhawk comander 4x2 v6 comander 4x2 v8 comander 4x4 v6 comander 4x4 v8 commander commander 4wd v6 commander 4wd v6 sport commander 4wd v8 commander 4wd v8 ffv sport commander 4wd v8 limited commander 4x4 commander 4x4 limited commander base commander limited commander limited edition commander overland commander sport compass compass 4wd limited compass 4x4 compass 4x4 4c compass altitude compass base compass fwd compass fwd 4c compass fwd sport compass high compass la compass latitude compass li compass limited compass limited 4wd compass limited edition compass sp compass sport compass sport 4x4 compass spt fwd compass tr compass x f-25 gator 620i gladiator gr cher 4x4 gr cher 4x2 6c gr chero 4x2 6c gr chero 4x2 v6 gr chero 4x4 6c gr chero 4x4 v6 gr chero 4x4 v8 gr cheroke gr cherokee 4x4 gran cher grand grand cher grand cherokee grand cherokee 2wd 6c laredo grand cherokee 2wd 6c limited grand cherokee 2wd laredo grand cherokee 2wd v6 ffv lare grand cherokee 2wd v6 ffv limi grand cherokee 2wd v6 laredo grand cherokee 2wd v8 laredo grand cherokee 2wd v8 limited grand cherokee 4wd grand cherokee 4wd 6c laredo grand cherokee 4wd 6c sport grand cherokee 4wd v6 altitude grand cherokee 4wd v6 ffv lare grand cherokee 4wd v6 ffv limi grand cherokee 4wd v6 laredo grand cherokee 4wd v8 ffv lare grand cherokee 4wd v8 laredo grand cherokee 4wd v8 limited grand cherokee 4wd v8 overland grand cherokee 4x4 grand cherokee lar grand cherokee lared grand cherokee laredo grand cherokee limit grand cherokee limited edition grand cherokee overl grand cherokee overland grand cherokee special edition 4 grand cherokee sport grand cherokee srt-8 grandcherokee grnd chero kjjh74 liberty liberty 2wd sport liberty 2wd v6 limited liberty 2wd v6 sport liberty 4wd limited liberty 4wd sport liberty 4wd v6 limited liberty 4wd v6 renegade liberty 4wd v6 sport liberty 4x2 liberty 4x2 4c liberty 4x2 v6 liberty 4x4 liberty 4x4 v6 liberty je liberty li liberty limited liberty re liberty renegade liberty sp liberty sport limited new compass other patriot patriot 2wd patriot 4wd sport patriot 4x4 patriot 4x4 4c patriot altitude patriot fwd patriot fwd 4c patriot fwd altitude patriot fwd latitude patriot fwd sport patriot high patriot la patriot latitude patriot li patriot limited patriot sp patriot sport patriot x renegade renegade 4x4 4c renegade fwd 4c renegade fwd limited renegade fwd north renegade l renegade latitude renegade limited renegade s renegade sport renegade t renegade trailhawk wrang jk unltd wrang spor wrang unltd wrang unltd 4x4 wrang unltd v6 wrangler wrangler 4c wrangler 4c se wrangler 4wd rubicon wrangler 4wd x wrangler 4x4 wrangler 6c wrangler 6c rubicon wrangler 6c sahara wrangler 6c sport wrangler 6c x wrangler 70th wrangler 75th wrangler black wrangler c wrangler freedom wrangler j wrangler jk wrangler jk unlimited wrangler r wrangler rubicon wrangler s wrangler sahara wrangler se wrangler sport wrangler starwood motors custom wrangler u wrangler unlimite wrangler unlimited wrangler unlimited 4wd sport wrangler unlimited 4wd unl sah wrangler unlimited rubicon wrangler unlimited sahara wrangler unlimited sport rhd wrangler unlimited v6 sahara wrangler unlimited x wrangler unlimted sa wrangler unlmted rub wrangler unltd rubic wrangler v6 wrangler willys wrangler x wranglerunlimited x