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Mileage of Hyundai in the VIN report

150 2 4 door 5 speed manual accent accent 4-door accent bas accent base accent blu accent blue accent gl accent gls accent gs accent gt accent l accent le accent se accent sel accent sport accent value azera azera base azera gls azera limi azera limited azera limited edition azera se base box brio chassis container dryvan dryvantrai elan trg elantra elantra ba elantra base elantra bl elantra blue elantra co elantra coupe elantra ec elantra eco elantra fwd elantra gl elantra gls elantra gls sedan elantra gs elantra gt elantra gt premium elantra l elantra limited elantra preferred elantra se elantra sp elantra sport elantra to elantra touring elantra value elantra ve elantragls entourage entourage gls entourage limited entourage se equus equus sign equus signature equus ultimate g80 gen 3 genesis genesis 2 genesis 2wd v6 gt genesis 2wd v8 5 genesis 3 genesis 4 genesis 4c genesis 4c 2 genesis 4x2 v6 genesis 5 genesis co genesis coupe genesis coupe 2 genesis g80 genesis g90 genesis grand genesis premium genesis r-spec genesis track genesis ultimate genesis v6 gls gray hycube ioniq ioniq blue ioniq electric ioniq ev ioniq hybrid ioniq plug-in hybrid ioniq sel kona kona ev kona fwd 4c kona se kona sel kona ultim limited nexo not available other other-trailer popular equipment package reefer santa santa fe santa fe 4wd v6 gls santa fe 4wd v6 limited santa fe 4wd v6 lx santa fe 4x4 v6 santa fe awd santa fe awd 4c santa fe awd 4c gls santa fe awd gls santa fe awd limited santa fe awd sport santa fe awd v6 santa fe b santa fe fwd santa fe fwd 4c santa fe fwd 4c gls santa fe fwd limited santa fe fwd v6 santa fe fwd v6 gls santa fe fwd v6 lx santa fe fwd v6 se santa fe g santa fe gl santa fe gls santa fe gls awd santa fe l santa fe limited edition santa fe s santa fe se santa fe sport santa fe sport awd santa fe sport awd 2 santa fe sport fwd 2 santa fe x santa fe xl santa sp awd 4c santa sp fwd 4c se sonata sonata 2 sonata 4c sonata 4c gl sonata 4c gls sonata 4c limited sonata 4c se sonata bas sonata base sonata eco sonata fwd sonata gl sonata gls sonata hyb sonata hybrid sonata limited sonata lx sonata phev hybrid sonata plu sonata plug-in sonata plug-in hybrid sonata se sonata spo sonata sport sonata v6 sonata v6 gls sonata v6 glx sonata v6 limited sonata v6 lx sonata v6 se sonota sport sport 2 tiburon tiburon 4c gs tiburon base tiburon gs tiburon gt tiburon se tiburon v6 tiburon v6 gt trailer translead tucson tucson 4wd 4c gl tucson 4x4 v6 tucson awd 4c tucson awd se tucson eco tucson fwd 4c tucson fwd 4c gl tucson fwd eco tucson fwd gls tucson fwd limited tucson fwd se tucson fwd v6 tucson gl tucson gls tucson lim tucson limited tucson lx tucson se tucson sel tucson sport v125301524js vc2530152 velo veloster veloster 3dr veloster b veloster base veloster n veloster r-spec veloster rally veloster rally edtn veloster re-flex veloster re-mix veloster t veloster turbo veracruz veracruz fwd veracruz fwd se veracruz g veracruz gls veracruz limited veracruz se veracruzgl xg xg 300 xg 350 xg300 xg300 base xg350 xg350 l